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Updated 17 March 2017
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eTORUS No. 66
March 2017 / Adar 5777

Featured Graphic Essay:

Gan Eden: The Geometry of Linear and Cyclic Time

Gan Eden, the Garden of Eden, marks the beginning of time.

We begin with the place-name Eden, in Hebrew spelled Ayin-Dalet-NunFinal.
Without vowelization, this is spelled exactly the same as one of the Hebrew words meaning time. There are two aspects to time: linear progressive time, and cyclic time. The coming of self-awareness in the story of the Garden of Eden includes awareness of both the aging process—linear progressive time—and the cyclicity of all things in the natural world.

Linear time correlates with evolution and the flow of negentropy (and loving-kindness). In our experience, linear time is unidirectional. It extends from the past, to the present, to the future. Cyclic time, on the other hand, corresponds to the cycles of nature and life in the cosmos. The moon orbits the earth, the earth orbits the sun, the sun orbits the galaxy; and the seasons follow one after another, in cyclic order. Cyclic time flows in a circle, and points in all possible directions in its space. Each time a process returns to the same part of its cycle, it marks off the progress of linear time.

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Announcing the publication of
The Alphabet That Changed the World

Now available through

We have received some excellent and thoughtful reader reviews, most of which are posted both on and on our book's own website, If you have read and enjoyed The Alphabet That Changed the World, we invite you to post a review on Amazon.

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Featured Articles and Posters:

From Issue #2:
Informal Essay by Stan Tenen: Alternatives to Biblical Scholarship
Originally written for the e-list Meta-Reiterations
How our assumptions about the origins of the Hebrew Bible profoundly affect what we see as its meaning and purpose.

From Issue #3:
Informal Essay by Stan Tenen: When is the Textual Approach Not Appropriate?
Originally written for the e-list Meta-Reiterations
Should the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible be studied using the same tools and assumptions?

From Issue #4:
Informal Essay by Stan Tenen: On Immortality
Originally written for the e-list Meta-Reiterations
A possible mechanism for survival of certain aspects of the soul beyond physical death.

From Issue #6:
Informal Essay by Stan Tenen: Which Way Up
We want to grow, spiritually and emotionally.  How do we recover from distraction, and renew our focus?

From Issue #9:
Informal Essay by Stan Tenen: The Three Pillars of Love
Is "unconditional love" really unconditional?  What are the components of higher love?

From Issue #10:
September 11, 2001:  An Architectural Proposal for the World Trade Center Site
Any plans for the World Trade Center in Manhattan must provide for the city's commercial needs, and at the same time both acknowledge people's grief, and affirm life and a hope for peace.  Here is a verbal description of our vision, incorporating elements of Meru Foundation's research and designs.

Special Edition: 6 August 2002
First Sound -- The background behind Meru Foundation's Music of Genesis

Special Edition: 12 June 2003
A New Islamic Map for Peace -- Essay by Dr. Mel Alexenberg

How the esthetics of Islamic art provide a way to "put Israel on the map".

Special Announcement: 25 August 2004
Stan Tenen to be Featured Guest on "Coast to Coast AM" Radio
Wednesday Sept 1-Thursday Sept 2, 2004

From Issue #34:
Poster: Deborah, the Bee-Speaker

From Issue #36:
AUTHOR'S PREFACE from The Alphabet in Genesis
(c)2006 Stan Tenen