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This is a selection of our teaching posters which are not categorized into one of the main sections of our website.

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The Light in the Meeting Tent: Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Jerusalem
Modeling the Future for Those Whose God is Big Enough for All
21 July 02

The Tree of Abraham: An Organic Model of Western Civilization
24 Nov 02

THE LAMBDOMA: The MERUBA Square Units of Dimension
and the Base-3 Count

  1 Oct 03

The First Verse of the Hebrew Text of Genesis on the 7-Color Map of a 2-Torus
Forms the Tallis (Prayer Shawl) and the Tzitzis (Corner Fringes)

3 Nov 02

The Shape of Shabbos: King and Queen
4 March 04

An Idealized Embryonic Fruit and a Dancer's Exchange of Angular Momentum
November 99

Tetrahelix Sculpture
The Source of English Measurement Proportions
24 Nov 02

Tetrahelix Accounting
 23 October 99
A chart relating tetrahelical column length with 3,x torus knots

3,10 Torus Knot, Ring, Sphere, and Tetrahelix ©1996 SNT
10 October 97

The 3,10 Torus Knot, Adam Kadmon, and the Tree of Life
25 Nov 01

Twenty-Two Turns-From the Absolute to Adam Kadmon
June 02

The 3,10 Torus Knot in Rotation
31 May 00
This animation of the 3,10 torus knot, displaying 3 pairs of First Hand(tm)
models,is based on original designs by Stan Tenen.

Growth and Unfurlment of the 3,10 Knot
 31 May 00
An alternate animation of the figure above.

The 3,10 Knot Growing, Blossoming, and Fading
31 May 00
Watch it grow.  Watch it blossom.  Watch it fade away.

Six First Hand(tm) Models as Three Loops in Rotation
 19 March 00
This animation of the 3 pairs of First Hand(tm) models displayed as three
unknotted loops is based on original designs by Stan Tenen.

Round Dance: Growth and Unfurlment of Six First Hand(tm) Models as Three Loops
 19 April 00
An alternate animation of the figure above.

Lamp and Wick ©1996 SNT

The "Lah Swath" (Color Version) ©1985, 1997 SNT
February 97

The Sphere Points of the "Lah" Swath as the 72-Letter Name of God
 3 May 00

 The Light in the Meeting Tent — Graphic ©1986, 1996 SNT
Feb 1996
The figures on this poster were designed in 1986, and previously published (monochrome) as part of the document,
The Light in the Meeting Tent (1986). They also appeared in The Meru Project (1988) as part of the Unity and Wholeness duo, below.

Unity and Wholeness: Two Companion Posters ©1989, 1996 SNT
These two posters, originally designed as illustrations for The Meru Project (1988) , are also used extensively
in our videotape, Geometric Metaphors of Life.
(Note: These two links take you to offsite to Meru's secure server website,

 Poster and Model-Construction Pattern:
Hex-Pattern 7-Color Map / 2-Torus ©1984, 1996 SNT
To make a true 3-dimensional 2-Torus, connect the left to the right sides,
and the top to the bottom of the square outline in the middle.

Letter Relationship Schematic

Five Points
What you see depends on the dimensional 'height' of our perspective.


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