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Meru Foundation eTORUS(tm) Newsletter
Number 6 - 6 October 2000
Copyright 2000 Meru Foundation
Written by Stan and Cynthia Tenen

EDITORIAL NOTES from Cynthia Tenen

Usually, I write the body of the Meru eTORUS(tm) newsletter -- announcements of new website pages, new products, and news in general.  But this issue, in you'll be reading Stan's version, written last week as I was preparing for our Fall visit to California.  (Stan and I are now in the San Francisco area, and expect to be here for the month of October.)  My thanks to Stan for his contribution.

I do want to say a word about the Meru Foundation Sacred Geometry Toolkit(tm) currently being offered on our distribution website, <http://www.meetingtent.com>.  It takes great care, and several hours, to hand-cut, score, bend, and glue each individual card-stock paper model in the current individually signed "Signature Edition" of our Toolkit, and we've determined over the past six months that the best way for us to maintain the quality of these kits is for Stan to continue to assemble them himself.  I want to extend an apology to those of you who had to wait for your Toolkits this past Spring while we worked this out.  Thank you all for your patience!

The end result is that if you order a Sacred Geometry Toolkit(tm) from our website, you will continue to receive a set of models personally created and signed by Stan Tenen.  Since his time is at a premium, we're planning to produce the Toolkits once per quarter, and if necessary, we will place your order on a waiting list and let you know when Stan is scheduled to make another batch. You will be contacted to confirm your order when the next lot of Toolkits is produced, and of course your card is not charged until it actually ships.

We are continuing to work on a practical method for molding the First Hand(tm) model from plastic, but it's a slow process.  Also, once the pre-molded model is ready, we will no longer be offering Stan's hand-made version, and the "Signature Edition" Sacred Geometry Toolkit(tm) will be retired.  So if you're interested in owning a pair of First Hand(tm) models, and the other models pictured at <http://www.meetingtent.com/toolkit.html#toolkit>, in a signed edition personally made by Stan, please see the ordering page at <http://scart.secure-url.com/bill/scart.cgi>.

And now, here is Stan's update.


Well.......Cynthia and I planned to drive to our apartment in Sausalito, CA (San Francisco) early in July.  Instead, we left on October 2, and arrived here three days later.  We plan to be back in Sharon, MA (Boston) before Thanksgiving.  If you need to speak with us while we are in California, you can reach us at 415 332-5976 (voice, call ahead for FAX).  Otherwise, you can reach us in Massachusetts at our regular number: 781 784-8902 (voice only; use 781 784-2955 for FAX).  To order, call toll-free (in the US) 888 422-MERU.

There have been several developments.

Paul Weinberg of Alden Films in New Jersey is now working with Bill Haber, Meru's CEO, to take and fulfill orders for Meru materials on our toll-free 888 422-MERU line.

Bill Haber, in California, and Cynthia Tenen, in Massachusetts (and sometimes in California) will continue to take orders and inquiries, and continue to upgrade Meru's secure-server (credit-card friendly) website: <http://www.meetingtent.com>.


We are now, for the first time, making the Meru Special Edition Research Sampler album generally available.  The Special Edition supplements our earlier documents, The Meru Project, an e-discussion that took place on the WELL in 1988, and the 1998 Internet Science Education Project e-list discussion Geometric Metaphor in Kabbalah: The Meru Thesis and the Scholarly Perspective (both of which continue to be available on the www.meetingtent.com website), and it replaces the Meru Supplement and Torus Journal packet.

A complete listing of the contents of the Special Edition can be found at <http://www.meetingtent.com/Researchsampler.html>.

This is the most complete compilation of the Meru Project graphics, published papers, and essays currently available.  Each Special Edition is hand assembled, including direct graphic printouts on photo-quality paper.  I continue to work on my book, "The Geometry of Genesis," but realistically, it won't be available until next summer.

In the past, because of the high cost in time and materials required to produce them (several hours each), Cynthia Tenen, Bill Haber, and I have only prepared Special Editions as thank-you gifts for major contributors to Meru Foundation, and we have sold them for the cost of materials to a few additional supporters. But even though they are -- at $150 -- admittedly expensive, we feel that we should also make them more generally available for those who might want a unique keepsake "coffee-table" edition for their home or office.  The Special Edition supports our work, and provides something special to show for it.  While we certainly need and can make good use of the proceeds from the Special Edition, we continue to want our work to be as widely  available as possible.  Most of the graphics and essays continue to be available as usual from our <http://www.meru.org> and <http://www.meetingtent.com> websites, or by request.

ESSAY by Stan Tenen

This month's essay, Which Way Up, is part of our ongoing discussion of the implications and context of our findings.  It is intended to broaden and flesh out the personal, political, theological, and "science of consciousness" implications of the models of God, the alphabet-generating First Hand(tm), and the geometric metaphors of self-reference and Continuous Creation.   You can read this new essay at <http://www.meru.org/Newsletter/whichwayup.html>.

Stan Tenen
Director of Research,
Meru Foundation

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