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Introductions to Meru Foundation Research

Meru Foundation research is multi-faceted, touching on and affecting many highly divergent fields of inquiry. As a result, there is no single introduction to this work that speaks to everyone. Instead, we have gathered here a selection of short introductory pieces, written over the past fifteen years, by various authors, for various audiences. Each piece has its own emphasis. Each was intended to be a simple, straightforward outline of who we are, what we have done, and our goals for the future.

Introductory Packet:
The Meru Project An Investigation of Consciousness, Science,
and the Abrahamic Traditions

January 2013
Printable PDF including basic introduction, sample graphics,
and professional comments


The Meru Project: A Personal Introduction by Stan Tenen
©2000, 2005 Stan Tenen

Meru Research -- Frequently Asked Questions
9 December 2004

Introduction to the Meru Foundation, ©1993 Virginia Meyer
Virginia Meyer, MAT – Master of Art for Teachers – is a Washington State resident
and retired mental health professional and author. This article was originally written as a
press release for local Washington newspapers.

The Meru Project,©1990 Stan Tenen
Written as part of an introductory packet for potential colleagues and funders

The Hebrew Letters: Tefillin in Hand, ©1994 Stan Tenen
An introduction connecting aspects of this work with Jewish traditional learning and practices

Abstract of Meru Foundation Research, ©1996 James Fournier
Abstract written for a Poster Presentation at the Tuscon II Conference on
Science and Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona, USA 1996.
Mr. Fournier represented Meru Foundation's work at this conference.

The Hand Points the Spotlight
in the Theater of Consciousness, ©1997 Stan Tenen
Abstract written by Stan Tenen for a Poster Presentation at the Tuscon III Conference on
Science and Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona, USA 1997.

Secrets of the Hebrew Letters, by Cynthia Gage
Reprinted from Atlantis Rising Issue #13

Based on an interview with Mr. Tenen, this article is ©1997 Atlantis Rising, and is reprinted here with permission.
26 November 1997

Damning by Faint Praise, ©2003 Stan Tenen
What Meru Foundation research is "good for" -- and what it's not proposing, and why.
8 October 2003

Interview of Stan Tenen by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove 
©1999 Stan Tenen, Jeffrey Mishlove
Transcript of a three-hour interview of Stan Tenen, broadcast on Dr. Mishlove's Internet Wisdom College Radio,
on March 15, 1999.  Stan Tenen introduces Meru Foundation's research, explains how and why he began this project,
and explores the origin of the Hebrew letters in meaningful hand-gestures.
27 January 2004

Recommended Reading List

For those who prefer more detailed introductions, we suggest the following articles, also listed elsewhere on our site:

The God of Abraham: A Mathematician's View, ©1993 Stan Tenen
This article, from the Meru Foundation Journal, Torus Vol. 2 #3, introduces and explores
the philosophical implications of the Meru Foundation research.
It is essential reading for persons who wish to understand this work.

Letter to Bible Review Magazine on Codes in Torah, ©1996 Stan Tenen
This letter, written to comment on an article by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover which was published in Bible Review,
introduces aspects of Meru Foundation research that have direct application to the professionally published
"Codes in Torah" statistical research, explains why this research is relevant, and suggests areas of further inquiry.

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