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Meru Foundation eTORUS(tm) Newsletter: SPECIAL EDITION
Number 29 – 23 September 2005
Copyright 2005 Meru Foundation
Edited by Levanah Tenen

I'm pleased to announce that two of Meru Foundation's video lecture series are now available in DVD format. We are releasing "Geometric Metaphors of Life," a lecture by Stan Tenen in San Francisco in February 1989, and "Squaring the Circle: The One and the Many, Mind and World", our March 1999 "10th Anniversary" lecture in the same venue, the "3220 Gallery". These DVDs are currently available only from Meru Foundation. If you have been waiting for the DVD versions of our lectures, please go to http://www.meetingtent.com/MeruVideo-DVD.html to order "Geometric Metaphors of Life" and "Squaring the Circle". (Also, don't forget Stan Tenen's "Thinking Allowed" interviews on DVD -- go to http://www.meetingtent.com/DVD-ThinkAllowed.html for details.)

Last month we announced that instead of writing a "popular" book on Meru, we are examining some of the oldest Kabbalistic works in the light of Meru research. Our current focus is an in-depth examination of the "Sefer Yetzirah" ("Book of Formation", dated by the scholars as somewhere between 100-500 CE). Even though this material is often identified as Jewish mysticism, our project has implications for all the Abrahamic traditions -- and for our society as a whole, which has arisen from these traditions. Because Meru Foundation's supporters (like all eTORUS readers) come from a wide variety of backgrounds, I want to share more of how we envision the Meru project's future. On July 4 of this year (American Independence Day), Stan wrote the email below to a friend, explaining our current focus, and its implications for society as a whole.

Stan writes:

We are researching Sefer Yetzirah because we believe it may provide the boundary conditions, rules, and algorithms for weaving or otherwise generating the sequence of letters in the Hebrew text of Genesis. Showing how the text is woven is what we call our "fait accompli". Bottom line, beyond the demonstration of geometric metaphor and its significance, and beyond the rediscovery of universal gesture language (as in the story of the Tower of Babel), we think we will be able to show irrefutably that the "root document" of Western civilization is not only a story.

If we can demonstrate that the sequence of letters in the text of Genesis can be generated, we will have a revolution on our hands. Religious approaches to the Genesis story will have to deal with the letter-text's preceding the story. Academic scholars who believe that the text -- that is, the story of the text -- was written and edited during the Babylonian exile will also have to deal with our demonstration of a decidedly different origin/source for the text.

If we can show that the text represents both a natural, universal cosmological constant, and a natural, universal "constant of consciousness," and that it links the two, then we have "outflanked" the scholarly hypotheses -- and thus have changed the world.

If we're right, we have to consider the effects these findings will have. This means we need to do our work privately at first, and then introduce it to the public after careful consideration of its potentially revolutionary impact.

If the Bible text is more than a story, if it's software for mind and universe, then all of the differing religious and secular versions are both transcended, and unified, in the letter-text source.

In the short term, there is no telling what the impact might be. It could range from explosion to indifference. In the long term, the various faiths and sciences must make peace with established fact, and this will inevitably provide a common ground sufficient for all. What would be the point of Jewish, Christian, and Moslem versions and sub-versions of the Bible stories, if the letter-text itself was not initially, and/or not primarily, a story? If our work is valid, it is the "software for the mind" (and for cosmology) that will be explored and made use of, in all faiths and in all sciences.

Personally, I see this project as part of the evolution of mind, and as a substitute for the vanities of politics, business, and tribalism. What would be the point of violence, if a science of consciousness were available not just to settle differences, but literally to heal them?

A science of consciousness is exactly what we need to guide the proper use of the mind-boggling miracles of modern technology. Without knowing what we're doing with high-tech, we're hardly more than children with books of matches in rooms fully of gasoline. But with knowledge, technology becomes the means to fulfill what we know, and make best use of all of our resources for the benefit of all.

I'm waxing a bit romantic. But this really is a revolution that we're proposing. And the challenge for us is the same as it was for Thomas Jefferson, on this date, 230-odd years ago: "To place before [hu]mankind the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent."


Meru Foundation research -- the work Stan describes above is exciting, provocative -- and needs continued support. We do not receive institutional grants -- almost all our support comes from individuals and families who want to see this work reach fruition. If you have been waiting to purchase DVD's from Meru Foundation -- please start by ordering "Geometric Metaphors" and "Squaring the Circle", for yourself or as a gift. And if you believe that Meru research is a valuable and necessary contribution to our future, and want to help financially, please send your contribution to Meru Foundation -- either via PayPal (by the link on www.meru.org), through a regular credit card on www.meetingtent.com, or via check or money order to Meru Foundation, PO Box 503, Sharon, MA 02067. Thank you very much.



I hope you enjoy this Meru Foundation eTORUS(tm) Newsletter.

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