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Bronze Hand
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Index: The Geometry of the Golden Rules: essays, posters, videos
Science calls it "theory of mind", and tells us that this is what makes us human. Tradition calls this the
Golden Rule, and "Torah on one foot."
Meru findings point to the Golden Rule as the basis of a Theory of Everything, and a science of
consciousness expressed in a truly natural universal gesture alphabet.

Essay: THE GOD OF ABRAHAM: A Mathematician's View
June 1999 
This article, published in the Noetic Journal, Vol. 2 #2, introduces and explores the philosophical implications of the Meru Foundation research. 
It is essential reading for persons who wish to understand this work. 
(An earlier version was published in the Meru Foundation TORUS Journal, Vol. 2 #3)

Essay: THE SHAPE OF INFORMATION: How to Talk to an Extra-Terrestrial
21 July 2002
What if the natural geometry of the source of information also serves as the sign of information? This article, published in the Noetic Journal, Vol. 3 #2, presents a new thesis, logically extending and building on the foundation of The God of Abraham: A Mathematician's View.

Essay: THE ARM OF GOD: Geometric and Algebraic Metaphors for the Sh'ma and the Unity of God
21 June 2009 
This essay, originally written in 1995 and never polished for publication, explains the construction of the Meru  First Hand(tm) model shown above, and the reciprocal/hyperbolic spiral form from which it is derived. 
The Arm of God outlines the research on which the published essay The Shape of Information was based. This website section also includes more recent material on traditional references to the First Hand(tm)form.

Index: SQUARING THE CIRCLE: A Philosophical Solution
24 February 2000 
One method for constructing the Meru Foundation First Hand model provides insight and answers to the ancient riddle of "squaring the circle." 
Material in this section was compiled in conjunction with Mr. Tenen's March 1999 lecture at the 3220 Gallery in San Francisco, California. 
***A videotape of this lecture is available***