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Read the Complete Essay ©2005 Stan Tenen -- Reprinted from Meru Foundation eTORUS Newsletter #30

"The "intelligence" of Intelligent Design is intended to be confabulated with "information". This is what leads to the necessity -- consistent with this theory-- of an embodiment of an intelligent multi-talented (compound) god.  Intelligence is the result of the use of information, but it's not the same thing as information.  Information is the fuel of intelligence. It's not the engine, it's not the car, and it doesn't tell the car when and where to go and stop. [. . .]

"God is the source of information -- and this information is the fuel of intelligence. . ."

Read the complete essay by Stan Tenen


"Behe cites the malaria literature to note that two amino-acid changes in the digestive-vacuole membrane protein PfCRT (at positions 76 and 220) of Plasmodium are required to confer chloroquine resistance. From a report that spontaneous resistance to the drug can be found in roughly 1 parasite in 1020, he asserts that these are the odds of both mutations arising in a single organism, and uses them to make this sweeping assertion:

"On average, for humans to achieve a mutation like this by chance, we would need to wait a hundred million times ten million years. Since that is many times the age of the universe, it's reasonable to conclude the following: No mutation that is of the same complexity as chloroquine resistance in malaria arose by Darwinian evolution in the line leading to humans in the past ten million years.

"Behe, incredibly, thinks he has determined the odds of a mutation "of the same complexity" occurring in the human line. He hasn't. What he has actually done is to determine the odds of these two exact mutations occurring simultaneously at precisely the same position in exactly the same gene in a single individual. He then leads his unsuspecting readers to believe that this spurious calculation is a hard and fast statistical barrier to the accumulation of enough variation to drive darwinian evolution."

American Scientist is the quarterly magazine of Sigma Xi, the science honor society.
New Scientist is a weekly magazine published in Great Britain.
We highly recommend both.

"What happens of a cell experiences a stressful environment but does not have a gene program (behavior) to deal with the stress? It is now recognized that cells can "rewrite" existing gene programs in an effort to overcome the stressful condition. These DNA changes are mutations. Until recently, all mutations were thought to be "random", meaning that the outcome of the mutation could not be directed. It is now recognized that environmental stimuli can induce "adaptive" mutations that enable a cell to specifically alter its genes. Furthermore, such mutations may be mediated by an organism's perception of its environment. For example, of an organism "perceives" a stress that is actually not there, the misperception can actually change the genes to accommodate the "belief."



"A quantum computer is any device for computation that makes direct use of distinctively quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. In a classical (or conventional) computer, information is stored as bits; in a quantum computer, is stored as qubits (quantum bits). The basic principle of quantum computation is that the quantum properties can be used to represent and structure data, and that quantum mechanisms can be devised and built to perform operations with this data. . . ."
     —The Wikipedia entry continues with a somewhat technical outline of the basis of quantum computing, and the current state of research.
West-Quantum Computing"Behold your computer.  Your computer represents the culmination of years of technological advancements beginning with the early ideas of Charles Babbage (1791-1871) and eventual creation of the first computer by German engineer Konrad Zuse in 1941.  Surprisingly however, the high speed modern computer sitting in front of you is fundamentally no different from its gargantuan 30 ton ancestors, which were equipped with some 18000 vacuum tubes and 500 miles of wiring!  Although computers have become more compact and considerably faster in performing their task, the task remains the same: to manipulate and interpret an encoding of binary bits into a useful computational result.  A bit is a fundamental unit of information, classically represented as a 0 or 1 in your digital computer.  Each classical bit is physically realized through a macroscopic physical system, such as the magnetization on a hard disk or the charge on a capacitor.  A document, for example, comprised of n-characters stored on the hard drive of a typical computer is accordingly described by a string of 8n zeros and ones.  Herein lies a key difference between your classical computer and a quantum computer.  Where a classical computer obeys the well understood laws of classical physics, a quantum computer is a device that harnesses physical phenomenon unique to quantum mechanics (especially quantum interference) to realize a fundamentally new mode of information processing. . . "
David Deutsch"Deutsch invented the idea of the quantum computer in the 1970s as a way to experimentally test the "Many Universes Theory" of quantum physics -- the idea that when a particle changes, it changes into all possible forms, across multiple universes.

"Deutsch is a leading proponent of the theory, so, while he wasn't in attendance at the D-Wave announcement, perhaps it's safe to say as well that he was. Wired News pulled him away from dinner to talk about what a quantum computer really is, what it's good for and what D-Wave's announcement might mean for the future. . . "     —Read the entire interview in Wired


"'I sometimes wonder what's the most mind-boggling thing that could happen during my lifetime," says Hsu. . . 'One of them would be to come into conact with an alien civilisation. But it would be more exciting to find some message from a creator - the implications would be even more profound' . . .

"Hsu draws a parallel with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. SETI researchers assume that aliens would reveal their existence by sending a signal that is obviously not random and encodes some natural sequence, like the digits of the number pi. The message would essentially be: "We're here, and we've figured out what you've figured out." Similarly, the creator of the universe might hallmark His handiwork with a message about universal laws. Hsu speculates that the first part of the message could be a kind of key - a simple statement that is easy to decode. That might be the simplest matrices of the algebra that describes nature's fundamental forces. 'They could give out very specific information that all the physicists of all the advanced civilisations would immediately recognise,' says Hsu. There would still be room for plenty more information - maybe even telling us something we didn't know, like the route to a "theory of everything".'"
By 1700 BC the Babylonians had a well-established “Arabic” number system, but zero was inferred from context, not written (i.e., 210 and 21 were written the same way). The oldest known “proto-abacus”, the Salamis counting tablet, dates to 300 BC. The use of 0 for zero was introduced by Ptolemy in AD 130 and was well established in India by AD 650.
     —From Programming the Universe, ©2006 Seth Lloyd. Knopf; ISBN 1-4000-4092-2, footnote p. 29.  


"When orangutans use gestures to communicate, they use the same basic strategy that people follow in playing the game charades. . . Captive orangutans intentionally modify or repeat hand or other signals based on the success or failure of a first attempt. . ."
     —Read a pre-print abstract of the Current Biology article. (Complete article available by subscription).

Also see earlier basic research on the primacy of gesture in the development of language:

"Section III sets out eleven pieces of evidence for the view that vocal language must have been preceded by an earlier language of gesture. Based on those principles and evidence, Section IV sets out seven proposed stages in the process whereby language evolved: (1) the use of mimed movement to indicate an action to be performed, (2) the development of referential pointing which, when combined with mimed movement, leads to a language of gesture, ..."

Essays and graphics in this section are by Stan Tenen.

"First Hand" ©Stan Tenen/Meru Fdtn
The Shape of Information.As published in the Noetic Journal, vol. 3 #2. From the Abstract: "The natural geometry of the cosmological, quantum-mechanical, and personal information gradients of all information systems follows the same topology, and can take the same geometric form."  Note that this vortex shape is based on the reciprocal spiral, not the log spirals. For more on the ways this vortex can be created, see  by Stan Tenen.

The Arm of God

The Arm of God
The First Hand(tm) vortex "shape of information" pictured above is based on the reciprocal spiral, not the log spirals. For more on the ways this vortex can be created, see the Meru archive essay The Arm of God. Also, for a craftsman's construction version, go to the Squaring the Circle section.



Devorah, the Bee-Speaker
. Reprinted from Meru Foundation eTORUS #34. The "waggle-dance" of honeybees is a 2-dimensional embodiment of the "shape of information".




The Genesis of Mind and World

The Genesis of Mind and World.
Graphic poem: A letter-by-letter translation of Genesis 1:1– the world comes from flow-space.





Integrity - Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog, as published by B'Or HaTorah, Issue 15E, Winter 2002 (pdf)

Roger Penrose and R. Shneur Zalman of Lyady on the Negentropic Gradient (see complete quotes)

From R. Shneur Zalman of Lyady (1796):
“He created with it the light, through the Utterance, ‘Let there be light,’ which is the spreading forth and flow of the light from above into the world, and its diffusion in the world from one end to the other.”
From Roger Penrose (1989)
"Contrary to a common impression, the earth does not gain [net] energy from the sun! What the earth does is to take energy in low-entropy form, and then spew it all back again into space, but in a high-entropy form. What the sun has done for us is to supply us with a huge source of low entropy. We (via the plant's cleverness), make use of this, ultimately extracting some tiny part of this low entropy and converting it into the remarkable and intricately organized structures that are ourselves.

Homer Wilson Smith's "The Cell and the Womb"
     How geometry initiates differentiation.  (Link goes to Smith's "Artmatrix" website)

Arthur M. Young on the the purposive nature of light: quotations from The Reflexive Universe.
     More on mathematical philosopher Arthur Young's work and life is posted on Many of Meru Foundation's DVD and videotape lectures were recorded live at Arthur Young's Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley CA during the 1990's.



Gen 1:1 Autocorrelated


Woven Genesis Poster

Symmetry Woven into the First Verse of the Hebrew Text of Genesis (pdf)

Genesis 1:3 Autocorrelation

An Autocorrelation of Genesis 1:3 in the form of a menorah
Genesis 1:2 follows a similar pattern, but is too long to diagram in the same way.


The Many Words of Genesis 1:1

"DJFMAMJJASON -- What Do These Letters Mean?"
   ©2001 Stan Tenen, from Meru Foundation eTORUS #8, March 2001

Four quotations from traditional Jewish sources stating the impossibility of truly translating the text

Here is one sample.

  Zohar, iii. 152:
'Wo [sic] unto the man who asserts that this Torah intends to relate only commonplace things and secular narratives; for if this were so, then in the present times likewise a Torah might be written with more attractive narratives...Now the narratives of the Torah are its garments.  He who thinks that these garments are the Torah itself deserves to perish and have no share in the world to come.  Wo unto the fools who look no further when they see an elegant robe!  More valuable than the garment is the body which carries it, and more valuable even than that is the soul which animates the body.  Fools see only the garment of the Torah, the more intelligent see the  body, the wise see the soul, its proper being, and in the Messianic time the 'upper soul' of the Torah will stand revealed.'"
From Louis Ginsberg, On Jewish Law and Lore, ©1955 Jewish  Publications Society of America.  New York: Athenum, 1970. LCC #55-6707, pp. 144-145


Rabbi Hillel Goldberg (Orthodox) on the meaning of Genesis in Hebrew


Genesis 1:1 Hierarchy

Rabbi Yisroel of Rubin (1796-1850) on the hierarchical structure of the Genesis text

For an analysis of the meanings of each Hebrew letter, see on the main Meru Foundation website.

Hebrew Letter Gesture Chart


The Dirac String Trick

Reciprocal Images

Reciprocal Spirals in Nature

See a demonstration of the "Zero Blaster" (above, lower right)

(Goes to "Zero Blaster" website)

Zohar, Parashat B'reshit (Genesis): Six versions of the opening for comparison (pdf)

Daniel Matt (2003):  ZOHAR: The Pritzker Edition (Stanford U. Press)
Daniel Matt (1983):  ZOHAR: The Book of Enlightenment (Paulist Press)
Gershom Scholem (1949):  ZOHAR: The Book of Splendor (Schocken Books)
Soncino Press (1984): ZOHAR, tr. Harry Sperling & Maurice Simon (1984)
Nurho de Manhar (1900-14): ZOHAR: An Expository Translation from the Hebrew  (Wizards Bookshelf 1980)
Jerry Winston (1976): Colors from the Zohar

The Three Pillars of Love
©2001 Stan Tenen

It is easy to say "all you need is love."  But real love has three important aspects -- exemplified by the three Abrahamic faiths.
Loving action must include each of these aspects to be effective in making peace.

Tree of Abraham
The Tree of Abraham:

An Organic Model of Western Civilization


The Light in the Meeting Tent –
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Jerusalem


The Three Abrahamic Covenants and the Car-Passing Trick
How the "manifesting principle" is comprised of the primary qualities of the three Abrahamic covenants